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Filmmaking hacks: how-to's to save time

Filmmaking hacks: how-to's to save time

Updated:  May 23, 2024
Created:  Apr 30, 2024
Time to read:  4 min

Numerous filmmaking tips can significantly simplify the process of creating videos, yet many overlook them assuming filmmaking is too complex to simplify. For instance, many people don't realize that you can shoot movies using a phone, that you can perform color correction yourself, or even leverage recently developed technologies. It's important to stay updated with trends and understand the latest developments in the world of filmmaking and video creation. In this article, we'll explore some key points that can save both your budget and the time and effort you might otherwise waste.

What are filmmaking hacks?

Filmmaking tricks and secrets are invaluable time-savers for millions of people who create movies or videos for YouTube or Instagram. With the advent of new technologies, tasks that once required extensive time and formal education are now accessible to everyone. It's significant not to overlook these tricks—make note of the key points and try implementing them at least once to experience their effectiveness firsthand.

9 filmmaking hacks

We've identified 9 essential life hacks that can significantly enhance your shooting skills and make the process much easier. It's worth noting that you don't necessarily need a professional camera, even smartphones like iPhones now capture images as well as professional Canon cameras. Don't hesitate to experiment and try filming with your phone. With the tips we'll provide, you can become a pro in your field.

1. Scouting locations virtually

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To create a high-quality video, start by finding an appealing background that viewers will enjoy. Thanks to technology, you no longer need to physically visit locations or travel to other countries to scout filming spots, you can do it virtually. Simply go online to view the location you want to use for your video. Check photos and videos from that place, and if everything looks good, you can then go there to film the necessary material.

2. Smartphone cinematography

As mentioned earlier, even if you have a small budget and lack a professional camera, modern smartphone technology allows you to shoot high-quality videos. It's no secret that with proper lighting, smartphones can capture images comparable to those taken by cameras. Don't hesitate to experiment and shoot videos using your phone regularly to enhance your skills.

3. AI script analysis

Sensational AI technology that simplifies life and works for almost anyone can also be useful in the field of video production, which might seem unexpected. You can use AI to check your script for errors or shortcomings, enhancing its quality. The machine will analyze your script with one hundred percent accuracy, identifying potential mistakes and suggesting improvements. This process will significantly enhance your script, helping you avoid errors in the future.

4. Storyboarding platforms

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Storyboarding platforms are essential for facilitating collaboration among large teams working on complex videos or films without interference. In many fields and professions, project versions require continuous updates and revisions, making these platforms indispensable in the film industry. Therefore, if you intend to collaborate on a project with friends or a group, utilizing such platforms is highly recommended.

5. DIY lighting solutions

To achieve high-quality lighting, significant effort is often required, but there are useful hacks that bloggers share to simplify the process. For instance, instead of relying on multiple lamps, utilize natural light from behind you during daylight hours. Experimenting with background colors can also enhance your setup, combining this with a soft white front light can yield a beautiful and mesmerizing result.

6. Transcription and voice-over services

According to official documents and reports, many people watch videos in noisy environments or during their commute to work, where it's difficult to hear audio. Therefore, subtitles are essential. When creating your film or video, remember to include subtitles at the bottom of the screen. You can enable or hide them to avoid blocking the video content. Additionally, consider providing subtitles in different languages to engage viewers from diverse backgrounds.

7. Element effects

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If you want to shoot a scene with rain but don't have rain for weeks, don't worry. You can create special effects to achieve the desired atmosphere. With imagination and computer capabilities, you can add rain, fog, or other elements to your video. By combining these effects with sound, you can create a realistic result that enhances your video's impact. Also, remember to modify and check everything you've added for compatibility and any issues. This ensures that after the final edit, you won't discover that something, like color correction, doesn't match and requires redoing. During the effects addition stage, check everything thoroughly to prevent such issues from arising later.

8. AI color grading

With the rise of automation and the popularity of filmmaking tips and tricks, people have discovered that AI can now assist with color processing in videos and films. In the past, one had to manually learn the color wheel and understand color combinations through trial and error. However, with the advent of AI technology, everything has changed. Now, you can delegate this task to a machine that can calculate and apply ideal color corrections in milliseconds.

9. Virtual post-production suites

Post-processing kits available on the Internet can assist you in creating the desired effects for your videos. With such kits, you can incorporate not only captivating video effects or transitions that will engage viewers but also sound effects. The key is to select the appropriate package that complements your footage and integrate all necessary elements into your video or film tracks.



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