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6 top social media video tips

6 top social media video tips

To create a video, you need a lot of knowledge and experience, which not everyone possesses. Sometimes, it can be challenging to get started in this field. That's why we've prepared 6 tips for social media videos that will help you begin creating unique and engaging content that meets people's expectations. By applying these tips, you can significantly enhance the quality of your content and videos. The key is to approach everything gradually and step by step.

Start with a strategy

The first thing you should focus on is studying social video best practices and learning from experienced creators who produce quality content. Without a defined plan, creating a high-quality video can be challenging. Therefore, before you begin filming, take the time to carefully outline your video concept and script. This preparation will ensure that your video effectively communicates your message and engages your audience.

Storytelling — social video best practices

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Another key video tip for social media is mastering the art of storytelling, which is essential for attracting and engaging your audience. How you communicate your thoughts and ideas through videos on platforms like TikTok reflects your personality and establishes your identity as a content creator. Once you have a well-developed scenario and clear plan, focus on articulating your thoughts in an engaging and relatable manner using accessible language. Effective storytelling can captivate viewers and make your content stand out in the competitive world of social media.

The first few seconds are important

Researchers and scientists consistently emphasize that the first two seconds are critical, whether it's for a YouTube video, a movie, or any interaction in life. If you fail to capture someone's interest within these initial moments, they are unlikely to continue watching. Therefore, consider effective ways to grab attention immediately. You can utilize special applications to add captivating transitions or effects that instantly engage viewers and make them want to keep watching. Investing in these crucial opening seconds can significantly impact the success of your video content on social media platforms.

Optimize for accessibility

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Ensure your videos are accessible to all viewers, including those watching in various settings like public transport or other noisy environments where audio might be difficult to hear. Adding subtitles is an effective way to make your content more inclusive and understandable. Consider including subtitles not only in the video's original language but also in other languages to cater to a global audience.

Using convenient tools and popular software, you can quickly and easily add subtitles to your videos. This not only enhances accessibility but also improves optimization, making your content more appealing and engaging to a broader audience.

Experiment with length

Experiment with creating videos of different lengths to gauge viewer interest and receive feedback. By understanding the preferences of your audience, you can enhance your videos and deliver content that resonates with them. This approach helps you identify the most appealing video length for your audience, allowing you to produce content that aligns with their preferences. Shorter videos are often favored by viewers as they are concise and avoid lengthy speeches or boring lectures, ensuring a more engaging experience.

Leverage thumbnails

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The preview of your video is the first impression your viewers will have, so it's crucial to prioritize its quality and storytelling. To maximize the number of viewers for your video, create an eye-catching and potentially viral preview that encapsulates the essence of your content. Craft a compelling image that effectively communicates what the video is about. Using popular editing applications, you can efficiently produce a high-quality preview that captures attention and entices viewers to click and watch the full video.



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