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6 Things to Consider when Choosing a Video Editor for YouTube

6 Things to Consider when Choosing a Video Editor for YouTube

How to choose and use the YouTube editor

Creating videos for YouTube has always been a tricky business, and one of the first things to do is to choose the right editing application. Often people choose an app that just doesn't suit them, doesn't have the right effects, or is too complex. Because of this, many people think that they are simply not made for creating content, but this is not the case. The first thing to do to create a video is to choose a topic on which you will shoot, then create an account and start thinking about the plot of the video. After shooting the video, you will just need to process it, and then we will describe the programs that are the best in 2023 and that can help you.

Top 5 video software for YouTube

Popular programs are very different from ordinary software that was simply invented if only it were. Frequently such low-quality programs simply break down or ask for a lot of money, and there is no point in them. Therefore, choosing a quality program is a difficult task that requires a lot of effort and time to try all of them and understand which one suits you. But to save you time, we will describe the top 5 programs that can help you start creating your unique content.

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  1. VJump - the best application that can offer both a beginner and an experienced person a lot of useful features. Thanks to the friendly interface, even the newest users can easily get to grips with creating videos. And a large selection of effects and transitions has made this application the choice of people for more than one year.
  1. WeVideo - is an application that can help a person create a video on TikTok or Instagram Reels. With it, simply by applying effects or music, you can create a short video that will appeal to the audience. People like the simplicity of what contains good tools.
  1. Clips - for the entire existence of this software, people have realized that it can be useful to them to create their short videos. Crop videos and adding cool effects is exactly what you can do with this popular app.
  1. iMovie - many templates in this application have captured the hearts of many people. No need to create a new video to add a mask, just select it and it will be superimposed directly on top of the finished video, which is what attracts people to this application.
  1. Adobe Premiere Rush - this is a professional application that can offer a huge range of all kinds of effects and tools. Experienced designers often use this particular application to create their masterpieces, and so can you. The main thing is to be patient and understand all the tools that exist there.

VJump is the best app to try

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As it became clear, VJump is the best application you can ever choose for editing videos for social networks. You don’t need to have a top PC for it, just a phone of any brand is enough, like an iPhone or Android. Comparing video editing software can be said to have 24/7 support and a friendly interface making VJump a truly deserved choice for people.


But even if a person has a top application, there are still often questions that cannot be answered due to several reasons. It typically happens that a person receives many answers to one question, and this is simply confusing. So that this is no longer the case, we will answer the most popular questions and give recommendations on how to solve them.

Why do people love effects and transitions?

When a person scrolls through the trending feed, he frequently sees simple videos of bloggers and simply flips through them, but when an effect or transition is visible, it’s just hard to take your eyes off. It is this zest that makes people wonder and watch the video several times, so you should use effects and transitions.

How to use music videos correctly?

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To properly use music, you need to make sure that it does not have copyrights and that it is available in your country. Because if copyrighted music is used, you can get a ban or social network admins can remove the video at the request of the author. Often the best choice is to use trending music to also get a share of the popularity.

How to attract an audience and keep it?

The first rule of audience retention is consistency because by making one video a month, people are unlikely to stay with you for a long time. The second lack of the main indicator is the uniqueness and quality of the narration, if you tell with interesting diction and presentation, then people will not leave you. And if you take all the factors together and combine them, creating a video on an ongoing basis with a high-quality presentation and a cool storyline, the audience will only grow.

Conclusion on how to make YouTube videos using software

Summarizing all of the above, to create videos on YouTube, you need to decide on a niche and start shooting your first videos. But along with this, you need to choose a video-processing application that will be your faithful companion. And if we're comparing video editing software the best for this role is VJump, which can provide a person with everything they need to create a video. High-quality support that will help at any time of the day and a large selection of effects will never leave you indifferent, so it's worth a try!



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